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by | 20th, April 2006

‘BEFORE bird flu, Iran’s nuclear ambitions and Anthea Turner, there was Michael Jackson.

‘I’m too sexy for my burkah..’

Millions of us were in the thrall of the megastar. When he yelped, we yelped. When he grabbed his crotch, we grabbed ours. And when he appeared in a California courtroom charged with child abuse, the colour ran from our cheeks, as it appears to have run from Jackson’s.

But now, as the Times reports, the man behind the masks is back. Having been acquitted of all charges, Jackson is all set to make his musical comeback.

Jackson will record his first new album since 2001 on a label based in the Gulf state of Bahrain.

The Middle Eastern kingdom is not overly famous for its contributions to popular music, a situation that is set to change.

Jackson, who says he is “incredibly excited” about his new venture”, has singed up with Two Seas Records, which is owned by Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, son of Bahrain’s king.

Having the royal seal of approval has never hurt anyone’s career, a fact proven by Princess Diana’s love for Duran Duran and Prince Edward’s rumoured appreciation of Gareth Gates.

And this is not all. Helping Jackson get back to the very top is one Guy Holmes, a London-based music mogul responsible for such marvels as Right Said Fred and the Crazy Frog.

Jackson cannot fail. We eagerly look forward to the return of the entertainer who has been spotted in shopping malls in the Gulf disguised in a woman’s abaya.

But soon he will not need any disguise – with his newly shaven head and frog-like bulging eyes, Jackson will be the face of a new musical phenomena…’

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