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Stars & Their Cars

by | 20th, April 2006

‘YESTERDAY we read how a car driven by actor Orlando Bloom had collided with a swimming instructor on a scooter.

Where’s it hurt, Shayne?

Earlier in the week, it was alleged that George Michael had attempted to feng shui a street in Highgate, north London, by using his Range Rover to shunt three other vehicles into a more favourable alignment.

We put the two incidents together and suggested that, perhaps, our stars have been engaging in a sick game of scoring points for various prangs and incidents on the road.

There was and there still is no evidence to support our theory but when we read in the Sun that X Factor winner Shayne Ward has been hurt in a car crash we wonder.

Of course, the story that the shaven-haired singer has injured his knee (minus five points) in Manchester city centre might be a heavy-handed attempt to get the reality TV show product some coverage.

This story may even enhance Shayne’s credibility, placing him in the same bracket as the greater talents of the aforesaid Orlando and George.

But before we speculate too much, a source tells us what occurred. We are told that Shayne had a “real fright”. We hear that he thumped his head and bruised his knee when an electronic bollard his car was travelling over suddenly popped up.

“His assistant, who was sitting in the front seat, bust her lip,” says the source. “Everyone was pretty shaken.” And Shayne’s knee is strapped up.

And all this in the same week as Shayne releases his debut album. It really is so very unlucky.

And can only have been worse had, say, George Michael or Orlando Bloom been involved in some way – or been operating that rogue bollard…’

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