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by | 21st, April 2006

‘WHY did you vote Labour at the last General Election. About 37 per cent of the 61 per cent of you who bothered to vote at all opted for Labour. So what was it that caused you to put an “x” next to the red candidate?

Worth every penny

Was it the party’s stance on the NHS, the war in Iraq, the leader’s relationship with Cliff Richard? Or was it something else? Was it Cherie Blair’s hair?

“Labour fury at Cherie’s election hair stylist bill,” says the Times on its front page. And we read on to learn that during last year’s election campaign, the Labour Party was asked to pay £7,700 to secure the services of Cherie’s personal hairstylist.

The crimper’s name is Andre Suard, and for £275 a day between April 6 and May 6 last year he strove to make Cherie look good enough to woo your vote.

Not that she was standing for Parliament – she unsuccessfully stood for Parliament in the 1980s; Cherie was applying for the job of First Lady. As Peter Kilfoyle, a backbench Labour MP, says: “We are almost accepting by stealth a First Lady.”

This is nonsense. There is nothing stealthy about it. American magazines often refer to Cherie as the first lady. She was billed as “The trail-blazing first lady of Downing Street” when on her lucrative speaking tour in the States. And Cherie did not object.

But why should we care. As a spokesman for the party tells the Telegraph: “So what? Mrs Blair worked fantastically hard during the election and visited more than 50 constituencies during the campaign. She is enormously popular with the party and, don’t forget, we won the election.’

So the two things are linked. It was the hair wot won it.

Over seven grand on hair seems lot, but when viewed as part of the race for power, it is cheap. And represents far better value than buying, say, a peerage…’

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