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Don’t Hit Me Baby

by | 24th, April 2006

‘SINCE leaving the Kabbalah and joining the Scientologists, we have learnt that what occurs in the formative moments of a child’s life can shape its future, and no amount of red string can alter what has already passed.

‘Quick! Get him a bandana’

Even speaking in front of junior can cause the little love no end of grief. A yell for drugs in the delivery room leads to a call to a therapist in a secure institution years down the line.

But if words can damage, what about failing to prevent the baby tumbling from a high chair and landing on his head? What are the effects of that on his development?

Such a thing befell Sean Preston Federline. While we worry for Sean’s future development – and wonder if dad Kevin was even dropped on his head (see ubiquitous bandana and hats) – the police arrive to question mum, the “bereft” Britney Spears.

The Enquirer says following the accident – according to a source, the chair broke as the nanny was lifting Sean – Britney was questioned by police.

A brain scan revealed that young Sean had fractured his skull in the fall and had a “potentially deadly” blood clot inside his head.

Police wanted to know what had happened. Britney told all. She was not to blame for the child’s injuries. She did not drop him. But this is America, and the ambulance chasers are less sure.

Susan Roderick, a lawyer for the National Centre for Prosecution of Child Abuse says: “There could be prosecution for child neglect if the parents were negligent in the hiring of the nanny.”

“Celebrity attorney” Vicki Roberts says Britney and Kevin “can be held negligent if the high chair was broken and they knew it was broken”.

This is interesting stuff. And we will follow the matter diligently.

Although we may have to wait a good few years before the full horror emerges – and Sean sues his parents for damages…’

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