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Tribal Gathering

by | 24th, April 2006

‘ANGELINA Jolie is to give birth in a secluded beach resort in Namibia.

First among equals

And, what’s more, Angelina is to deliver her gift to the world after marrying Brad Pitt.

It seems that after the rows, the sofa sleeping and the sulking, the pair have reached an agreement: the baby will be born outside the United States (what she wants) and they will marry before the birth (what he wants).

We hear little of the wedding ceremony; but a source tells the Enquirer that for the birth, Angelina “wants African tribal music playing softly in the background”.

She also wants a midwife, who may or may not be a dab hand at the thumb piano and have a CD of Paul Simon’s seminal African hit You Can Call Me Al.’

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