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Joking Apart

by | 24th, April 2006

‘“WE haf ways of making you laugh,” says the Sun’s headline, a twist on the old German staple. “GERMANS TO SHOW FUNNY SIDE.”

If Germans did humour…

How can the Hun fail to laugh as the Sun’s St George mounts his trusty steed and rides into Berlin?

One of the old enemy even manages to make what may well be a joke. Says German fan Udo Schneider: “The horse would walk into our team.”

Of course, given the current palsied state of the German national aide, Herr Schneider may just be stating a fact.

But while German fans chant “Three World Cups and one world Pope”, Germany’s new ambassador to Britain says that he will prove that Germans have a fine sense of humour.

Wolfgang Ischinger, for it is he, says Germans “love to have parties and they have parties more than most people”, like the Austrians and Swiss.

“The tournament gives us the perfect opportunity to present a new image of our country. This is the year for us to show that the clichés and stereotypes of the old days are no longer relevant.”

No longer relevant? Now he really is joking. Although beating the Germans on penalties would make a welcome change…’

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