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Upstage Girl

by | 25th, April 2006

‘“I’M not your brother, I’m not your uncle, I’m Daddy do/ Steppin’ in this game and y’all ain’t got a clue…” Booyakasha!

Fed up

Lyrics there from Kevin Federline, aka F-Fed, aka America’s answer to Roland Rat.

While we look at the words and thrill to the message that Kevin is the daddy of all badass doggy dos, the Star sees the man himself in action at Las Vegas’s Pure nightclub.

While Kevin sings about being the man with a plan in a head ban(d), we scan the crowd for a sight of his wife, the fragrant Britney Spears, the woman who brought him to the world’s attention.

But we cannot see her. And we should bother to carry on looking because, as the Star says, Britney is not there. Kevin has banned her from attending his gig.

Cocking an ear to the table at Caesar’s Palace where Kevin and Britney are sharing a pre-show meal, the Star hears the musical ferret tell his wife that he is worried about being upstaged.

At which point Britney may well have cast her eyes down to the dead prawn on her plate and found good reason to sympathise with her husband’s insecurities.

But Kevin was not concerned about being upstaged by his lunch – he was fearful that his wife would steal his thunder.

Given the glaring truth that without Britney’s patronage we’d have no more interest in Kevin than we would in that aforementioned prawn, his telling her to keep away grates.

And it hit a nerve with Britney. As an onlooker says: “It was a full-blown war of words that got louder and more heated as the dinner went on.”

This “huge fight” ended when Britney, “shaking and in tears”, fled the restaurant and dashed up to her suite.

That left Kevin to perform alone – and the assembled crowd to realise that without Britney, Kevin really is a grade A daddy doggy do…’

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