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Playing With Fire

by | 26th, April 2006

‘WITH the commemorative plaque not yet in place, many pilgrims to Leicester Square have failed to locate the exact spot where Euan Blair vomited.

Euan’s a revelation

Happily, pinpointing the precise spot of Tony and Cherie’s eldest child’s latest experiment with booze is not nearly so tricky. Waitresses at Madam’s Organ can show you the table that young Euan is said to have tried to burn.

Before we go on, let us say that Madam’s Organ is no meat market for human flesh. It is a respectable establishment, a blues bar located in Washington DC.

The story, as told by the Mirror, is that while in the US on his three-month internship with Republican staff at the US House of Representatives, the Prime Minister’s first born drank beer in said club. He then ordered candles.

Waitress Becky Brasch explains. “I saw him holding the candle under the table but he said he didn’t do anything.” Becky says that she asked him not to burn the table. She says Euan ignored her. He was “rude and dismissive”.

Says Becky: “I’ve had people drunk and playing with the wax but no one has done what he did.”

Indeed, it is odd. And we are concerned. Euan’s fascination with fire is unsettling, a state of mind not reduced by the Mirror’s picture of the young lad sporting a goatee bear – like the very Devil himself…’

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