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Down The Pan

by | 28th, April 2006

‘DAVID Hasselhoff turns round. A gorilla is standing on his right toe.

Making London a safer place for swimmers

On his other side a strange horse is doing a sand dance and asking if it can go to the ball. An ugly woman with a beard upbraids him for being late.

It is all like some kind of alcohol-induced nightmare. Indeed it is. It is the nightmare we call pantomime.

Hasselhoff can rest assured that he is not writhing on some sweat-soaked bed but appearing in the New Wimbledon theatre’s production of Captain Hook.

This December, Hasselhoff will make his panto debut as the hook-handed scourge of Peter Pan.

We just love Hasselhoff. While appearing in the hit musical Chicago, Londoners got used to the sight of Hasselhoff standing on the spare plinth on Trafalgar Square, manfully clad in a pair of red seeming trucks on the look out for anyone stuck in the nearby fountain.

No-one drowned in Trafalgar Square when Dave was last here. And we wager that his next visit will herald a similar period of water safety. Oh, yes it will…’

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