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Playing Politics

by | 27th, April 2006

‘HEY kidz! Are you having fun voting in the Y Vote Mock Local Elections 2006?

‘Good disguise Jennings. But any more of your nonsense and you’ll be expelled’

Did one of you ride your BMX to school and pretend to be David Cameron? Did you two-time your girlfriend, talk backwards and punch someone in the face in the manner of John Prescott?

Politics sure is fun. And with any luck the Y Vote campaign has given you a taste for voting and a career in politics.

Michael Raftery, Mock Elections Project Manager at the Hansard Society says on the Electoral Commission’s website: “The Y Vote Mock Elections mirror the excitement and buzz of a real election. They enable students to participate fully, from standing as party candidates, to writing speeches and designing campaign posters.”

If you are too busy playing video games and surfing the Internet to get the message the first time round, you can read more at There you can hear how students can take part and engage “with the political, social and moral issues of the world around them” – although not all parts of it.

Clicking “party information” introduces little Armani and Jake to the main players. There is mention of the Conservative Party, Labour, the Greens, UKIP, the LibDems, the Scottish Senior Citizens Unity Party, the Scottish Socialist Party, the Democratic Unionist Party and the Ulster Unionist Party Social.

There is also a chance to represent and vote for the rather scary sounding Social Democratic and Labour Party, the Scottish National Party, Sinn Féin and Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales. But you cannot vote for the BNP or Respect. They are forbidden.

Any children who want to be Nick Griffin or George Galloway will have to do so in the privacy of their own home, and with their own jackboots, courage, strength and indefatigability…’

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