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Putting The Lag In Lager

by | 29th, April 2006

‘“GOERING. Goering. Gone.” And so another point of Spitfire beer (“The Bottle of Britain”) is poured down the neck of an English patriot.

The other is in the Albert Hall

And there is more. “ALE MEET AGAIN,” says the Star, picking thought its dog-eared dictionary of World War II puns. Spitfire Ale has been “accused of goose-stepping over the mark”.

How so? The Star produces a montage of posters produced by Shepherd Neame, who produce the drink. There’s a shot of Adolph Hitler, a famous non-drinker, and the message “Spot the ball”.

Another advert has free drinking and smoking Winston Churchill giving the “V” for Victory salute and ordering “Two more pints please”.

But now there is something else. Beneath a picture of runners taking part in the London Marathon is the image of Hitler. He is wearing a T–shirt bearing the message: “I DIDN’T RUN THE WORLD.”

This is big news for The star – “Your Official World Cup Paper”. And it has reached the ears of the Germans.

An official at the German embassy in London tells the paper: “This would never have happened under our laws. You would go to prison for that in Germany.”

Putting the lag in lager, so to speak…’

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