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Baps Yer Lot

by | 2nd, June 2006

Our loyal and passionate England supporter only lets up in his invective when he bites down on his gigantic burger.

He then continues to rile and goad the lads, spraying bits of Bigger Big Mac over his chins, his stomachs and his fellow supporters in the row in front.

Happily, they are too busy chewing on their own combination of fat, fat and more fat to notice.

As the Sun says, the new burger from McDonald’s contains 33grams of fat and 669 calories. That’s a lot.

“It’s shocking that they are introducing such an unhealthy burger,” says the Sun’s nutritionist Amanda Ursell. “You could eat two and a half Mars bars for the same number of calories and 10g less fat.”

“Next time you get a Mac attack – don’t forget it could lead to a heart attack,” says the paper.

That it might. But surely England fans are more likely to suffer my other means – either hit on the head by one of David Beckham’s penalty kicks or else made suicidal when the German’s winning penalty hits the back of the net…

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