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by | 2nd, June 2006

And so we enter the world of Peter Doherty. The pop f***wit is on the Mirror’s front page after his exploits aboard an easyJet flight.

Pete and his Babyshambles band were travelling to perform at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona.

The story goes that during the flight Pete made his way to a toilet cubicle. Suspicions were aroused when he had been in there for a fill 15 minutes.

When he finally emerged, the Sun says passengers saw him collapse into his seat “dribbling” at the mouth. The paper hears from fellow passenger Steve Reed, Labour leader of Lambeth Council, London. Says he: “Pete staggered out of the loo with a brown belt on his left arm like a tourniquet…a little girl near him started crying.” He was “like a monster”.

If there is anything worse than being near an, allegedly, stoned pop star on a plane, it is sitting next to someone else’s screaming child. It sounds just horrible.

And seeing Pete, and fearing the worst, staff entered the loo and discovered a “blood-covered syringe”.

Having checked the walls for signs of Pete’s famous artwork (he claims to paint with blood), the staff contacted police in Spain.

The Star says that on arrival, the plane was held on the runway. Police came on board and began searching everyone’s luggage.

A spokesman for the airline says: “Unfortunately, members of the Doherty party began throwing their bags around and swapping bags and would not identity which bags were which.”

The Mirror says after the melee had died down, police found methadone, the heroin substitute, in Pete’s bags and took the singer and four of his companions away for questioning.

But no arrests were made. Pete and his team of wannabe baggage handlers were free to go.

Although not by easyJet- the airline has banned Pete from using their service for life.

However long or short that life may be…

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