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A Class Apart

by | 6th, June 2006

She was able to asks “Am I bovvered?” in at least three languages (Jafakin’ [faux Jamaican], Mockney and rudimentary English).

She had championed the school’s dress code – rolled up skirt, cropped shirt and smart navy blue blazer with Burberry accessories.

And her ability with a knife marked her out as “one to watch” in the school canteen.

But now living in America, where dad has been posted for his new job, Bianca has taken to waving pom-poms and wearing jumpers with big letters on them and braces on her teeth. Mum and dad thought things were bad before the move – they are now struggling to cope.

But help is at hand. As the Times reports, New York is about to get its first British-style school.

Sited next to the UN building, the school will offer a classic British education for Anglophile new Yorkers and ex-pats who can stump up the £26,000 a year fees.

“We are looking forward to the fact that she can spell ‘colour’ with a ‘u’ and we do not have to say ‘zee’ any more,” says Robin Kent, a British man and father of eight-year-old Grace. “The fact that she can learn to play cricket as opposed to baseball is also a real treat,” he continues.

The Times says that to ensure correct spelling, all text books and library books will be imported from Britain. And there will be cricket, that civilising influence that takes in tea.

So New Yorkers should be on the lookout for any red leather-coated balls heading their way – and children asking them if they look bovvered…

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