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Bad Omens

by | 7th, June 2006

Well, not all. As the Sun reports, on the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year – 6-6-6 – Damien entered the world.

Weighing six lb six oz, and born six days after special needs teacher Suzanne Cooper was induced, Damien entered the world.

Suzanne, revealed by the Mirror as a fan of horror movies, was inspired to name her boy Damien after the lead character in the movie The Omen.

Suzanne says her little antichrist is nothing like the Devil’s spawn. That remains to be seen, and we wish her well. And we pray for Bobby McIntyre.

As the Sun reports, on 6-6-6 at 6.06am, Bobby arrived. “I just know everyone is going to call him The Devil Child,” says worried dad Ben.

And they might. It could cause problems – especially when it comes to finding the little horror a nanny…

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