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Addicted To Love

by | 7th, June 2006

For anyone who’s not been paying attention, Russell is the gauche TV presenter of a Big Brother magazine show.

He is also Kate Moss’s post-Pete Doherty squeeze. Or was? As with Pete, it’s hard to know if Russell is dating Kate or not.

Having been spotted leaving Kate’s home “after nights of passion”, Russell is reported to have said: “Forget Kate, she’s irrelevant. I prefer women with a bit of meat on them anyway.”

Kate is far from an irrelevance. Had it not been for her, the only people who’d know Russell would be Big Brother fans keen to discuss the finer points of Shahbaz’s socks in a TV studio, the bed bound and the institutionalised.

When we read that before Kate, Russell’s conquests included Kate Lawler, Makosi Musambasi and Becki Seddiki (all Big Brother contestants) we get an insight into what kind of company he is used to keeping.

And now we know more about him. Having once been addicted to heroin, crack and booze, Russell talks about his passion for sex.

He says that resisting the urge to bed every woman he meets is a habit harder to kick than heroin. “I have put myself at considerable risk,” says he, “sleeping with the sisters of friends, partners of relatives, prostitutes and women who are clearly mad.”

He says his behaviour has been diagnosed as “compulsive and dangerous”.

Character traits that may or may not be helping Kate get over Pete…

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