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by | 7th, June 2006

The curly hair, the pouting chest and the Germanic bent suggests that the man could be David Hasselhoff, or at least related to the saviour of the Western world.

Very soon we will find out because the Sun says the man who stars in Die Freuden der Liebe (The Lover’s Guide) is to tell all.

This is, as the Sun’s front page says, a “NEW BLOW FOR HEATHER”. The man (let’s resist the urge to call him Helmut) is said by the paper to be planning to get rich off his revelations.

Far be it from us to comment, but perhaps Helmut (we give in) could have made more from his foray into adult education self-help books had he offered to sell his secrets to mega-rich Paul McCartney and his fragrant wife.

This opinion is given added weight by the Sun’s news that in light of Heather’s artistic past, her divorce settlement could be slashed.

Things are looking a little messy for Heather. Can she recover from Helmut’s news that after the cameras stopped clicking they had “passionate sex”?

And then there is the news that top shelf men’s magazines intend to publish some of the “filthiest images” from this photo shoot.

Heather plans to survive her ordeal. She will tell her side of the story in an interview with American chat show host Larry King.

A source says that Heather has been approached by a “string” of British journalists for interview, but has opted for an American because she believes she will get a “smoother ride”.

And all the smoother for German baby oil – no Helmut should be without it

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