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by | 20th, May 2006

DON’T panic if you found a golden ticket in your mid-morning snack – it doesn’t mean you have to appear on Big Brother.

If the life of a Z-list celebrity is not your thing, then you can throw away the ticket. Go on, chuck it. There’s the bin. Although before you do, know that one ticket has, apparently, attracted bids in excess of £5m.

The ticket was up on the eBay Internet auction site. But before you smash open the piggybank, or raid a bank, know that it has now gone. The auctioneers claim the sale breached their terms and have ordered it to be withdrawn.

But all is not lost. A spokeswoman for eBay says the seller may be able to flog their ticket on a pre-approved auction, which makes bidders legally bound to pay their offers.

And the organisers don’t mind if you sell it – so long as you haven’t registered your win on the telephone hotline (number on winning tickets), you can sell the thing.

And there are plenty of winning tickets still out there. The first Big Brother Golden Ticket was claimed at 4pm yesterday in London. This means there are 99 tickets still at large.

So if you find one, why not put it up for sale? Or give it to the needy. Wonder what Dannii Minogue’s agent would pay for one?

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