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by | 28th, May 2006

Do we care that nine of the contestants have been trialled for previous Big Brother shows?

The Sun reports that Pete has been groomed for a Big Brother stint from series two. He featured on Vanessa Nimmo’s introduction video – and she was on Big Brother Five.

Imogen was on the rehearsals for Big Brother Four. Also on that test run were Eugene and Kinga from BB5, and Chantelle Houghton, who managed to out celeb the celebs on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year.

And there’s Sezer. The paper says that he was chosen last year. He even had a brief affair with Becki Seddiki, a 33-year old bi-sexual singer and trainee florist who has her name tattooed on her back. She was on Big Brother Five.

All this may serve to explain why it was that on entering the house some of the contestants seemed to know each other. And why Sezer said: “The ceilings were lower the last time I was here.”

But should we mind?

Contestants on the show know what to expect by now. There is not going to be another Jade Goody asking if the cameras are still on.

These contestants are not just looking for a few weeks on the telly – they are in search of fame.

Our enjoyment is in knowing that not all of them can achieve their dream. And with Chantelle very much at large, the chances of even one of these wannabes making it big are further diminished. Can there be two Big Brother winners in one year?

Remember Anthony Hutton? And if you do, please tell us what he is up to?

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