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Dawn Nose

by | 1st, June 2006

Dawn Blake entered the house a tallish woman with an ambition to win £100,000 and a kind of fame. She left the house still tall and with a reputation for being more fragrant than Mary Archer dipped in a gorgonzola kebab.

Of course, deprived of smell-o-vision, we cannot vouch for Dawn’s odour. It was left to Nikki to bring the full horror of the stench to our attention by flailing her arms around and shrieking. Since this passes for normal in Nikki’s world, we are still none the wiser as to how smelly Dawn was.

For her part, Dawn maintains that she did not smell bad. “When they said Dawn refused to wash, that was so untrue,” says Dawn. She claims to have taken three full showers during her six days on the show.

And she says there is evidence to support her claim. “I am asking for a copy of the unedited footage in its entirety and I will remain on hunger strike until I get it. I will continue until I pass out.”

She sounds serious. And not wishing to make light of her pain, we cannot help but wonder if she plans to shower during her fast. And if the building odour will hasten her passing out

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