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Death By Lea

by | 3rd, June 2006

Poor Sezer.

Having been evicted from the house by the biggest margin ever, he then found himself trapped in a place where few dare to go and from where no mere phone vote can extricate man, woman or beast – Lea’s M-cup cleavage.

Lea – who had voted for Sezer’s removal from the house – threatened to suffocate Sezer as she hugged him tight to her chest.

She then cried, introducing the exotic possibility that as her tears found a natural watercourse through the centre of her mountains, Sezer would drown.

Luckily, at the moment when Davina had announced his banishment from the house, Sezer had taken a sharp intake of breath – this enabled him to remain alive until the moment Lea relinquished her fearsome grip and set him free.

Having been so close to death, we’d have forgiven Sezer had he emerged from the house smiling broadly and clicking his heels like a short, priapic Dick Van Dyke…

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