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She’z-a Seezer

by | 4th, June 2006

Imogen has set out to prove that with or without her pet Sezer she is just the same girl at heart, and brain.

Sezer is gone, and Imogen has once again been banned from nominations for breaking the rules. Does this girl have the capacity to learn?

And now comes the twist. Having tried and failed to become another Pete, Lisa is now having a good bash at being the new Sezer.

When Lisa wanted to be Pete, she aped his frantic arm movements and jerks. She once performed her impression of Pete when seated with her idol in the Diary Room. Pete twitched; Lisa twitched. Pete swore; Lisa swore. Pete cackled; Lisa cackled.

Lisa was like one of those magazine articles that tell you how to get ‘the look’ for cheaper. She was a poor imitation of the original.

And now she appears to have set her sights on becoming the new Sezer.

Step one of her plan came when having been told about Imogen’s removal from the voting process, Lisa said she’d voted for Richard and Lea. That confession – a flagrant breach of the rules – means Lisa is banned from voting this week.

But at least she is not alone – she has Imogen for company. The two share a common bond.

How long before they share so much more..?

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