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Lea On Top

by | 5th, June 2006

We at Anorak did not stay in the Diary Room long enough to count but the Mirror did.

The paper says that when told she had broken the rules and would be banned from nominating this week, Lisa put her head in her hands and said “s**t” 25 times.

In a house where swearing is all, this is impressive stuff. But while Lisa scores points for dedication and fluency she loses on repetition.

So too Pete. The Tourette’s sufferer has made w***ers his own. And we commend him for it. But he needs more. He needs variety. His early form promised much but Pete has not moved on.

It is therefore our duty to announce that it is Lea who sits atop Anorak’s Swearing League table. Her fluent use of the f-word is hard to escape.

Students of grammar will doubtless have noted how Leah has used the f-word as a noun, a verb, an adverb and an adjective. If Lea carries on in her current vein she will soon be able to converse exclusively in the f-word and all its variants and derivatives.

Of course, this will put her at risk of falling into the same trap as Lisa and Pete – she will begin to repeat herself.

But for now Lea is No.1…

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