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Suspend Jade

by | 13th, June 2006

YOU may not have noticed as temperatures soared and all eyes were on England’s World Cup heroines but the humble stocking ‘n’ suspenders are under threat.

So much so that the Star has been forced this morning to launch an unprecedented front-page campaign to “reclaim our sussies”.

And it is not the Germans this time who are responsible for the attack on this sartorial staple but, we are sad to say, one of our own – Jade Goody.

The paper says it was forced to act after the country’s most famous kebab-eater was seen spilling out of a pair at her recent 25th birthday party.

Had this been the Mail, we would have seen this as the transparent excuse to publish lots of pictures of semi-naked girls that it would have been.

But the Star is made of better stuff and would only employ pictures of scantily clad Jennifer Ellison in a good cause.

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