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Separated By Birth

by | 15th, June 2006

TALK about being linked. No sooner does Angelina Jolie fall pregnant then Jennifer Aniston feels sick.

And the links between Mrs Pitt No.1 and Mrs Pitt the sequel do not end there.

The Enquirer says that Jennifer heard that her replacement had given birth to Shiloh (may her name ever be praised in showbiz magazines) via an associate at the Plan B film company she owns with Brad.

“The nauseous feeling I expected to have when I heard the news is smaller than I thought,” an insider reports Jen saying.

And then there is Shiloh (may her… etc.). “I feel sorry for her,” Jen tells a friend, musing about her own position as Victim No. 1. “She’s who everyone should feel sorry for. I had a choice. This child will not.”

Poor Shiloh. What will become of her? Jen knows. “I really do [wish] Brad the best of luck because he’ll need it when he’s raising that child alone and she’s off somewhere adopting another Third World baby.”

Of course, if she really does care, Jen could always help a single brad raise Shiloh (amen). She could even adopt the child. And then Angelina could feel sick…

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