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by | 15th, June 2006

THE First Law of Kate Moss says that hacks must include in their reports a full list of what the model is wearing.

And the Mirror does not disappoint. The paper’s law-abiding 3AM Girls tell us that while out in London’s up-and-coming Kentish Town, Kate wore “a black trilby, sexy beige shorts and lace up boots.”

This is interesting and vital stuff, not least because we believe it to be the first recorded instance of beige being seen as sexy.

The Second Law of Kate Moss says that the somewhere in the piece the dutiful scribe should include a mention of cocaine or on one of its derivatives.

So listen up as the 3AM Girls tell us that while still dressed in that sexy beige, Moss visited a cafe and ordered a “large white roll with tuna, mayonnaise and sweetcorn and a full-fat Coke.”

You half expect the headline to scream “Moss Does Coke”, and shame on the Mirror for missing this opportunity to shock.

But, of course, Moss does not take cocaine. She may not have ever taken the stuff. As the Sun says, those infamous shots of Moss chopping up line of white powder in a London recording studio are not proof of her dalliance with the narcotic.

In legal terms, pictures of drug abuse are not considered evidence of possession. And because Moss admitted to nothing when interviewed by police, the investigation – which the Sun says cost £200k – is at an end.

Leaving Moss to jump for joy and click the heels on her black and green Jimmy Choos…

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