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Marry In Haste

by | 19th, June 2006


Cancel the crab sticks. OK! says that the wedding between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is not going to happen.

Sure, we read in the Enquirer that the couple married in a traditional African ceremony, featuring the spitting of much milk into Angelina’s face, but the legally binding do is off.

“There hasn’t really been a need,” says Angelina. “We’re entirely committed to our children as parents together. To have a ceremony on top of that is unnecessary.”

It might not be what Angelina wants, but we’ve already had a tattoo etched onto our skin. Our only chance of our ink – a picture of Shiloh’s head transposed onto a map of the Earth – not looking ridiculous is if they marry.

And there is a chance. “As she reportedly told her friend Robert Rodrigez, “if the kids get older and demand that we have a ceremony, then we might.”

And they should demand it. If not for themselves then for us, the peoples of the world…

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