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A Clean Sweep

by | 27th, June 2006

“WELL, I’ve always been a scrubber,” says Boy George as he leaves a Manhattan court.

Last year, the singer was arrested for making a false report to police. He said a burglar had been in his New York apartment. Police arrived. No burglar was found but they did discover 13 small bags of cocaine.

George was pinched and yesterday he wound up in court before the Beak, one Anthony Ferrara.

The Mirror hears the judge order George to sweep the city’s streets for five days. Should he fail to execute this task by August, he will go to jail.

“It’s up to you whether this will be an exercise in humiliation or and exercise in humility,” said Ferrara. “It’s your choice.”

George had hoped to do his community service at an Aids charity, where he would give fashion tips. But instead he received the order of the broom.

But the exact nature of what he will be cleaning is unclear. The Mirror says George is to clean the streets, but George’s lawyer, Louis Freemman, tells the Star: “We don’t know what the nature of the community service is yet. It’s probably raking leaves in Central Park or something like that.”

Is it? The fear is that the punishment will be something less bucolic and more karmic…

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