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Silly Billie

by | 27th, June 2006

“BILLIE MY BOOZE & COCAINE BINGE HELL.” Why, it’s actress Billie Piper telling the world about her experiences with drink and drugs.

Yes, we know. It’s as if celebrities are playing a game of Drugs Idol. They line up and tell us about how awful their experiences with drugs have been and the one we pity/envy most wins our sympathy and becomes the face of Celebrity Rehab Live.

Even if the celebs enjoy taking drugs they must not let on. They must use the word “hell” and say drugs were awful and taking them was bad.

So here’s Billie telling us that when she was 16 she “didn’t want to be here”. Billie, now 23, says: “I had my head in the clouds, was mad, neurotic and self-destructive, a very different character.”

In short, Billie was a teenager. Billie was also a child star, appearing in TV adverts and signing a record deal at 15.

So Billie turned to alcohol and drugs. “I still went to work – even though I had a face like a slapped a**se,” says she.

And then along came Chris Evans, the ginger DJ. He liked Billie’s slapped a**e and took her away from a failing pop career and made her his wife. Billie was 18. Chris was 34.

But – shock of shocks – the marriage didn’t work out. And Billie did not turn to drugs once more. Well, she was older and wiser now, and her acting career was on the up…

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