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Getting Up Her Nose

by | 28th, June 2006

JOIN us now for a look at Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s nose.

Being a “telly toff”, Tara has, naturally, got her nose pushed high into the air, enabling her to look down at us and we to look up at her.

And from our viewpoint things are not looking good. The Star says Tara’s nose has developed a “large and worrying dent on the bridge”. It says that the eyes of the showbiz world are on her conk.

As are ours. The shot of Tara’s face in September 2004 shows a neat snub nose with a straight bridge. In June 2006, the nose has altered. The straight lines are disturbed by a bump, a mogul in Tara’s gentle ski jump.

This is the nose of a boxer – a fighter not the dog. But the Star wonders if Tara’s nose has been on the end of something less obvious than a fist.

The paper remembers Tara’s past cocaine addiction (she has been clean for more than six years) and hears from “plastic surgeon to the stars” Alex Karidis. “It appears her nose is collapsing,” says he. “The only way you can get this kind of effect is by using cocaine quite heavily – or from boxing.”

And Tara has only ever been a contender for the most off-her-face star on TV…

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