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Her Weight In Gold

by | 4th, July 2006

IT’S not too late to get that bikini body. Not if you don’t mind a bit of sweat. And what’s more, this diet is endorsed by a celebrity.

She’s called Keira Knightley. She’s 21. And yesterday she arrived in London’s Leicester Square for the premier of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. And she came wrapped in foil.

The Star has front and rear shots of Keira (“DEAD FLAT CHEST”) and is stunned by her backless number, created from what appears to be gold foil. For the record, the actress is garnished in more than £100,000 of white gold jewellery.

Keira says she is “not going to apologise” for the way she looks. “I figured it was hot outside and if you can’t wear a dress like this on a day like today then when can you?”

While Keira sheds any retained water, and so loses weight, we note that clothes alone cannot achieve your ideal body shape. Keira’s weight loss regime requires exercise, and we turn to the Sun to see that while talking, Keira is walking, notably down a red carpet. She’s a “treasure”, says the paper.

But the Mail senses what might be a problem. It’s not just the pressure Keira is under to be thin, but what she herself calls her “X-rated” gown.

“I think the thing that made me feel cautious [about wearing the dress] is the fact that it’s the premiere of a kids’ movie. But it’s such a sexy dress. Any girl would feel marvellous in it.”

Surprisingly, the Mail does not seize on this comment, turning purple with rage at this sexualising of young minds.

Instead, like we, it realises that life is all about balance. And if British girls want to ape Keira and wrap themselves in foil then it might just be the only way to fight the fat and defuse the obesity timebomb.

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