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Belt Up

by | 10th, July 2006

GIVEN the presence of what is routinely called the “obesity timebomb”, news that Victoria Beckham wears jeans made for a seven year old need not be all that shocking.

This seven year could well be in possession of a 35-inch waist, in which case we urge Posh to slim down before it is too late.

But reading on in the Star, we learn that this is not the case and Posh has a tiny 23-inch waist.

But if Posh does balloon, she can always borrow husband David’s belt, the one that cost £10,000 and has a movable buckle that stretches under pressure.

The Calibre 8 belt is made by Royal gunmakers Purdy and has a buckle fashioned from white gold and titanium. It slides back and forth on miniature ball bearings.

Never again need David lean back in his chair after a long lunch and loosen his belt. The automated system ensures that he does not have to.

It’s just like the elasticated waistband on Anorak’s range of Comfi-Slax – but reassuringly more expensive…

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