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JaYne’s PaYne

by | 12th, July 2006

IT is the chance we’ve been waiting for. Finally, the people will decide. With the exception of JaYne, all the housemates are up for eviction.

JaYne has been caught telling the housemates how they are perceived by the outside world. Her punishment is to see all the other housemates put up for the chop.

“Can I face it instead of them? I’ll nominate one other person," begged JaYne. But it was not to be. "I’m so sorry, everybody, I will make you tea the whole week," said JaYne to her housemates. She should note that making Snoozie tea will leave room for little else.

But JaYne need not be afraid. Against all the odds, Big Brother has made us quite like JaYne. Sure, she is foul of mouth and habit but she has given us the chance to cleanse the house of whoever we like.

And it might even be a double eviction. There are six weeks left. There are 12 housemates. Something has to give.

And the smart money is on Snoozie leaving and either Spiral or Imogen following very soon after.

Snoozie’s case is not helped by the story that she has been groomed for the show by Max Clifford, the PR agent.

Says Max: “I do know Susie. I have known her and her husband Cosmo for a number of years…I did look after her before she went on Big Brother.”

So Snoozie has been coached. And, thanks to JaYne, she will soon to be bussed out.

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