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Indepedence Day For Jolie and Pitt

by | 13th, July 2006

WHAT with all the journalists being under lock and key, reports from Namibia are sketchy. But Anorak’s man on the sandy ground hears that the country is to be renamed Brangelinaland.

Before it is sealed off from the rest of the world – admittance to the world’s first VIP member’s only country will be by invitation only – all pictures of it will be rounded up.

So that means the two employees at a camera repair shop in Massachusetts need to hand over the shots of the Jolie-Pitt baby shower.

As OK! reports, the workers allegedly downloaded two images from the broken camera belonging to one James Haven, brother to Angelina Jolie, patron saint of the new Namibia.

We learn that though neither has been charged, the investigation is “ongoing”, and the Brangelina police force reserve the right to do take further action.

Meanwhile, over in Los Angeles, Angelina and Brad have taken a trip to the home of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

It’s Independence Day, that day when Britishers like Gavin celebrate wave a hearty cheerio to the American colonies. And to mark this wonderful day, Angelina and Gwen are sat under a tree with their new children.

Meanwhile, Brad, Gavin and Maddox are on the beach doing “men’s things”, like riding jet-skis and quad-bikes.

It all like terrific fun, and maybe little Shiloh Nouvel would like to join in. What with her being the new messiah and all, she won’t even need any water skis.

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