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United States Of Cameron Diaz

by | 16th, July 2006

WHAT happens when an American visits Europe? Do they change when they land or does the process begin when on the plane or earlier?

We talk not of the American tourists “doing London” and the old cities of Europe, the middle-aged visitors dressed up in voluminous shorts and jumpers that advertise the fact they once went to school.

We speak only of the stars. While at home in Los Angeles, they are slick, pampered and buffed. Touch down in London and the cigarettes come out, the roots begin to show and their complexion starts to turn an all-too-human grey.

Just get a load of Cameron Diaz in France. She’s in that bit of France that occupied the minds of film makers in the 1950s. The streets are all cobbled and covered in fresh-cut flowers.

The River Seine, along which Cameron takes a boat ride with boyfriend Justin Timberlake, is “romantic, rather than filthy and overhung by bridges from which the jeunesse d’ore are gobbing over the edge, when they’re not rioting.

Cameron is spotted wearing a “simple summery outfit [creased white shirt and white shorts] with her trademark blonde bob pulled back in a headband.” Justin wears a polo shirt and jeans.

And then Cameron goes off to attend the wedding of a close pal up in Cordes Sur Ciel in the Languedoc.

For her part, Cameron is once again in crushed clothes, this time a dowdy rose pink dress with a dark pink bow hanging down the back. Granted Cameron is a bridesmaid and might have had little say in the outfit but did the invitation specify no ironing and sun fried hair?

What happens to these stars when they come to Europe? Do they leave their stylists, publicists and hairdressers at home?

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