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Robbie Williams’ Guide To Sex

by | 14th, July 2006

GOOD news girls. When in years to come you dandle your grandchildren on your knee and say “I shagged Robbie Williams”, you will able to back up your claim with hard evidence.

As the Star says, Robbie is keeping a “SECRET” sex diary of all his conquests. And he’s giving each of his one-night stands a rating.

Robbie may then make his study available to other pop stars, who can consult Robbie’s handy guide and decide which groupie to take back to their trailer.

Robbie may also care to include the girl’s own comments, like those made by Marie Annerstedt, the trainee doctor who got together with Robbie in Gothenburg.

Here she is in the Star. “We were up until five in the morning,” she says. “Robbie asked me if I’d ever dressed up as a naughty nurse for a man.”

Says Robbie: “It’s a running joke how hard it is for me to pull. But my luck seems to have finally changed.”

And it can only get better. What girl would not want to play a small part in so grand a project? Especially if she gets to dress up…

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