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Why JaYne?

by | 17th, July 2006

JaYne with a why? Why is JaYne there?

"I think JaYne is on a secret mission," said Spiral. A secret mission? JaYne? A secret mission to do what? Fill the house with toxic gas? Why would she want to do that? Why?

“She could be a mole,” suggested Snoozie. And so she could. And it is hard not to see the merits of JaYne living in a hole beneath ground. But a mole? Why?

“Something’s up. I smell a mole,” said Richard. Why? Might he be picking up the scent of drains? Or JaYne? Why a mole? Why?

"Are you a mole Jayne?" asked Glyn. Why is JaYne there? Why?

“I might be on a time limit, I might not be. If I’m not here in the morning, I’ve done my bit," said JaYne. But why?

"She’s talking in riddles I don’t understand," said Snoozie. Why is she doing that?

"I’ve been thrown in. I walk like a bulldog. Deal with it. You decide," said JaYne. But why? And why a bulldog? Why JaYne? Why?

Why is JaYne there? Does anyone know? Why?

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