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Coronation Street’s Tracy Shaw Is Big

by | 17th, July 2006

TRACY Shaw has been engaged more times than the toilet at the Raj Poot curry house in downtown Delhi.

Tracy is now unmarried, and living with commercial business manager Ashley Poundall, the couple’s young son Louis and Tracy’s bump. Tracy is pregnant.

Things are just great. And in OK!, the 32-year-old actress who once starred in Coronation Street “chats about her perfect new life”.

Tracy is seven months pregnant. She is busting with it all. But it has not all been easy. No it has not. Tracy has had a “rough ride”. At the start, she felt sick all the time. Some smells made her feel sick. “I went off coffee and I couldn’t have sauce on anything.”

Non-celebrity mothers may very well blanche at the thought of getting through a single meal let along nine months without covering their food in red and brown sauce.

But they need not fear for Tracy. She does have oxtail soup, which she craves. And she did go through that period of “really fancying protein”. “And very early on I quite liked chocolate – and I’m not normally a chocolate eater.”

With so much upheaval it is little wonder that this pregnancy was unplanned. “I was breast-feeding until Louis was eight and half months and as soon as I stopped breast-feeding it happened.”

Might it be that the removal of Louis from Tracy’s breast triggered her pregnancy, or simply allowed Ashley to get close?

However it happened, Tracy is expecting a boy. She knows it’s a boy because she found out. And we know because it says “boy” on her vest. “I like to be organised,” says Tracy.

So is it to be a Caesarean delivery, a celebrity birth by appointment. It seems not. Tracy says she will try to go as long as she can without any kind of pain relief.

But then pregnancy does strange things to Tracy. Well, if she can become a chocolate eater and go off sauces, what’s to say she won’t scream for drugs..?

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