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Who Voted for Nikki?

by | 18th, July 2006

CAN it be true that 37.7 per cent of us voted Nikkkkki out?

Of course, it can be argued that 62.3 of the electorate wanted Nikkki to stay. It might also be true that some callers accidentally voted for Nikkki, what with there being so many housemates up for eviction, mistakes could have been made.

It is true enough that only people who feel strongly about a contestant will vote. And with so much choice, Nikkki, whose ranting and raving hinted at personality, was doomed to attract attention.

Did any one of us feel strong enough to vote for Mikey’s removal. Imogen’s? Snoozie’s? Daryl Van Horne’s? The only one who could have competed with Nikkkkki was JaYne and she was safe.

So Nikkki is out and we are curious to know who voted for her. And it is’s firm belief that no teenage girl did.

It is a bold statement. Given that teenage girls are the stereotypical Big Brother voter, it is contentious. But we believe it true. And we base out belief on observation.

The girls aboard the 73 bus to Stoke Newington, North London, were doing passable impressions of Nikkki and saying who much they “luv ‘er”.

The party of girls aboard the train from Waterloo to Southampton all did a Nikki with varying degrees of succ-CESS. They “lurve” Nikkki.

And the school party at the Welcome Break services on the M40 near Oxford loved Nikkkki soooo much.

So who voted for her? Tell us if you did. If anyof you did?

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