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Big Brother Jobs For The Girls

by | 20th, July 2006

JaYne is a recruitment consultant. For whom?

“’Harlo! JaYne ‘ere,” says JaYne on the phone to one of her clients. “I got me a candi-dert for that persishon. He’s rearlly great. Shall I sen’ ‘im over? Yeah? Go on then. Tara. Belerch!”

Would you employ anyone on JaYne’s recommendation? Bear in mind that JaYne thinks her own employment prospects are enhanced by appearing on TV looking uncooperative, difficult and not so bright.

Traffic warden? Good guess. And it is not overly hard to conjure up an image of JaYne laughing like a pregnant goat as your car is towed away.

Call centre employees? Good shout. JaYne is pretty much the identikit call centre fodder. There’s JaYne, toffee stuck in the corner of her mouth, telling you that the supervisor is busy and there is nothing more she can do. She signs off to each unsatisfied caller with a flat “Alright then. Bye”.

London Underground worker? Very good. There’s Jayne swaggering up to the ticket barrier, the baggy arse to her regulation trousers wafting behind. “When’s the next train,” a weary commuter asks. JaYne shrugs. And walks off.

We could go on guessing and guessing some more. But if you do work with JaYne please let us know which industry she recruits for.

And while we wait for that, if anyone would like to guess where JaYne finds staff for, they can send in their suggestions. Best one gets shortlisted for a job as a guard at any American airport…

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