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Big Brother’s Dickie v Thickie

by | 20th, July 2006

JaYne you are the Weakest Link, goodbye. Or is it the missing link – the gap between the Big Bang and the Big Burp is but a brief break between JaYne’s feeding times.

Not that JaYne is definitely out. Up against Richard, she has some chance of staying. It is Dickie v Thickie.

This is the fourth time Richard has been put up for eviction and it could be his last. JaYne may well be 1-5 on with Ladbrokes for the chop, but we advise caution.

It’s all in the way they accepted their fate.

"I knew my name was coming…I knew it could be me," said Richard, taking it on the chin. Richard’s tactic is let everyone know he is up for the chop before his name is announced. This way he is in on the plot. Hey, it may even be clever ploy on his part. Nominated? I knew it. Clever me.

And now listen to JaYne. "I knew my name would be called!" said she. And: "I’ll be going on Friday. I know why people have done that. That’s nasty I think…I know why people are doing it, fair play. I hope I stay now."

JaYne was confused. Should she be all-knowing, like Richard, or angry? "I’m quite excited as it goes," she said, trying to affect and an air of carefree nonchalance. But it could not last. "F****** b******* stabbing me in the back!" she concluded.

So there it is. Do you want Richard to go, the man who knows all? Or do you want to see the pot-marked back of JaYne, who annoys everyone and spits food at them?

Now think about the vote…

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