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Jade Goody Coaches Nikki

by | 22nd, July 2006

“NOW Nikki is out of the house I think she will do really well.” What, Jade Goody, better than she would have done had she stayed inside the Big Brother house and won that £100,000 top prize?

Jade thinks so. “She will get loads of offers to pose for men’s magazines because she has got a great body.”

But Jade urges caution. “I think she should avoid the glamour route, and that’s one of the things we will talk about.”

Yes, Jade is going to coach Nikkki in the art of making money from not winning Big Brother.

And there is money to be made in being lovable loser. To date, Jade, who finished fourth on the show, has made around £3.5 million. She has appeared on three subsequent reality TV shows, runs a beauty parlour called Ugly’s and recently pulled the stopper off her new range of perfumes, Eau De Kebab.

But there are limits. “There is only room for one Jordan,” says Jade, “and nobody is going to make as much money as her.” Indeed, there is only room for one Jordan, even if there are two Jordans attached to the slim frame of mo-del Katie Andre.

And given Nikkkki’s elfin dimensions it is unlikely she could be another Jordan and walk.

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