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Sophie Anderton Says Knickers To Emily Scott

by | 25th, July 2006

PICTURES of Becks in his kecks may dominate the news agenda this morning, but he is not the only underwear model to be making a splash.

If Love Island had not already been encircled by water, then the tears shed by Sophie Anderton in the last few days would have ensured that she and her fellow Z-listers were marooned.

And the latest thing to upset Sophie is the arrival on the island of 22-year-old Aussie Emily Scott.

Okay, so Emily hasn’t exactly been trying to get on with Sophe, telling her: “You’re tall and have the whole intense look going on…but you have a body like my mum.”

As the red-tops fly over to Australia to try to persuade Mrs Scott to pose for them, Sophe hit back.

“I’ve had a great career,” she bragged (after the tears eventually dried up). “I’ve done it for the last 15 years. I’ve done all the major lingerie lines.

“I’ve done all the men’s magazines. I’m just about to do a massive bikini shoot.”

(We should point out that, having looked at the topless shots of Sophie in today’s Star, the word “massive” in that context clearly refers to the shoot. The bikini will be quite small. Particularly the top.)

Nevertheless, it’s an impressive CV. And will make a fitting epitaph when one day in the distant future Sophie cries her last.

“Here lies Sophie Anderton. She wore pants for a living. And sometimes a bra.”

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