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Victoria & David Beckham’s Love Boat

by | 25th, July 2006

THE Daily Express is the paper that stands for REAL VALUES and gives you REAL VALUE for money.

That’s not just our opinion. It is also the opinion of the Daily Express – and, as it is “the world’s greatest newspaper…and proud of it”, we can hardly disagree.

But disagree we must when we discover that this morning’s edition comes WITHOUT a free DVD!

At 40p the paper may be 5p cheaper than its rival the Daily Mail, but all you get for that is 64 pages of, well, paper.

No free CDs, no £5 holidays to Iraq, no lottery tickets, nothing…

The Mail, by contrast, has four FREE CDs for its readers to collect so they can all learn Portuguese the easy way.

(This is presumably so they can converse with the family of Angolan asylum seekers whom Tony Blair has just billeted on them.)

The Sun offers its readers a FREE mobile phone clip of Page 3’s Keeley “I was a very bad girl” Hazell as part of its Keeley Week, as well as a FREE Disney Pixar poster.

And the Mirror gives its dwindling band of readers a FREE DVD of Gulliver’s Travels, as well as the chance to win 11,000 double rollover tickets.

But the Express, nada. Niente. Rien du tout.

Well, not quite nothing because there is a picture of David Beckham in a pair of white briefs and one of Posh in a skimpy all-in-one number.

The paper says the couple are on a five-day cruise around the Italian Riviera in a determined attempt to rekindle their romance.

But let’s face it – it’s not exactly Poseidon Adventure, is it?

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