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Is Sarah Ferguson Mouthier?

by | 27th, July 2006

PRINCESS Beatrice’s birthday was responsible for much.

First there was the birthday girl’s frou-frou dress, a £10,000 explosion of taffeta and spoilt brat chic.

Then there is the Mail’s news that the 1888-themed bash featured alcohol. And Jack Osbourne, a guest at the do, no longer drinks. “Says he: “They brought out a strawberry jelly and didn’t say it had vodka in it.” Jack, who has been in rehab to kick his addiction to drugs and drink, unwittingly partook.

And now we read that the party caused mum Sarah Ferguson to have a fat lip. No, make that two fatter lips, both of which are pictured in the Mail.

The paper says Fergie’s plumper lips are a “dramatic contrast” to her look of just a fortnight ago. And that she might have had them injected with collagen to “give herself a boost” before the party.

We are offered no proof, only invited to look at Fergie as she and her lips take a holiday in the South of France.

But as much as we stare it is still hard to gauge if the lips are fuller than before. So we’ve dug out some old shots of Fergie to help us compare.

Now, if she could just push her lips into a pout, or, better still, use them to suck on a toe, we can get a definitive answer…

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