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Tequila Sunset

by | 31st, July 2006

“F*****G Jews,” says the motorist as police pull over a speeding car in Malibu, California.

“The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” he continues. The driver of a car caught travelling at 87mph in a 45mph zone then turns to Officer James Mee. “Are you a Jew?” he asks.

The driver does not remove a tape measure from his trousers and measure the circumference of the officer’s head, nor does he check for signs of gentile blood on the cop’s yellowy teeth – two things that would have helped confirm his suspicions.

How much simpler life would be if Jews could be made to wear yellow stars stitched onto their clothes, then there’d be no need for uncertainty.

But until that day comes, the car driver, one Mel Gibson, has some more to say, allegedly. “What do you think you are looking at Sugartits?” he asks another officer, a female.

Mel goes on to say that he “owned Malibu” and would spare no expense to “get even”.

But before Mel can get to work on his righteous vengeful new movie “Pigs And Jews”, he remembers that he is a really nice guy and not in the least bit anti-Semitic, arrogant and vain.

It is not him talking. It is the spirit talking through him – the spirit of tequila, an opened bottle of which is said to have been on the backseat of his car. Mel is over the limit.

As the Mail hears him say: “After drinking alcohol, I did a number of things that were very wrong and for which I am ashamed.

“I drove a car when I should not have and was stopped by the Los Angeles County Sheriff…I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable.”

As he says, he “acted” like a bigot. And we suspect it is all part of Mel’s acting method. And excitedly await his next motion picture…

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