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by | 2nd, August 2006

“AS Mr Blair sips cocktails with rap stars on Sunset Strip and schmoozes America’s rich, Beirut burns, 70 die in Iraq and 4 British soldiers are killed – including this father of two.”

The front page of the Mail illustrates its headline with a shot of Corporal Matthew Cornish, 29. He poses with his children Libby and Ethan. He was killed in action while “Tony Blair was networking among the rich and famous in Los Angeles”.

The Mail has seen the banner – “Tony Blair he don’t care” – and got its subs to work on it.

But though this is a tragic tale of death and a family wrenched apart by violence, we can’t help but wonder what Tony is up to in Tinseltown.

And the Sun is happy to tell us. While the Mail presents a picture of Tony braying like some demented Nero fiddling with his guitar while the world burns, the Sun has him wearing a baseball cap and sucking on a massive reefer.

The Sun spots Tony “scoffing” canapes and boozing at Hollywood’s Skybar. It’s a Monday night and Tony is hanging out with his homey, the rapper, convicted felon and pornographer Snoop Dogg.

“Yo Blair! Yo Dogg,” says the headline. And reading on we see that Tony was also in the company of a host of footballers from Chelsea FC.

As the Sun says, “Not quite the average night out for a Newcastle United fan who likes Genesis, cream–coloured slacks and naff denim shirts.”

But these are changing times for Tony. It can’t be too long before he’s looking for a new job, and good on him for researching new careers, like being a rap star or a professional footballer.

Is this not life long learning. Indeed it is. And we look forward to Tony researching other jobs – solider, reality TV contestant and religious fundamentalist…

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