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Speaka Da English?

by | 4th, August 2006

LEARN to speak Spanish like the Spanish should speak it.

All next week the Star is giving away(!) CDs that will get its foreign readers speaking da lingo in a way Britons can understand.

After correcting the Spanish, the Star’s CDs will be distributed to the French, Italians, Germans and Greeks.

To keep costs down it’s very possibly the same CD each time.

Having got the Europeans to all use the same currency, so we Brits don’t have to change up our great British pound into lira, peseta and franc, the Star calls upon them to adopt a uniform idiom.

The world is a changing place and it is not only we British who need to adapt.

The Star is, of course, only continuing the work begun by the Mail a couple of weeks ago. And already there are reports of French farmers leaning on their gate and endlessly repeating the phrase: “My barn is for sale. It can convert into a lovely summer home. Merci for the war.”

But while the Mail’s course aimed to teach foreigners the correct way to speak their language in a week, the Star aims to do the job in just one day.

“Bon luck with that, mush,” as they’ll soon be saying over there…

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