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Lindsay Lohan Tat

by | 10th, August 2006

YOU can get bored looking at Lindsay Lohan. Although the Sun, which dubs the actress “Lazy Lohan”, seems to be utterly captivated by the “seriously idle” star.

Lindsay might not do much, but when she does do something you can rest assured that the Sun will be on hand to tell us all about it.

And while we look at the freckly one doing very little, numbering her many freckles and joining them up to make interesting shapes (look, there’s a sardine on her arm), the Sun sees Lindsay’s new tattoo.

Lindsay has joined up some of her freckles on her hip. She has formed the words “La Bella Vita”. This, apparently, translates into English as “The Beautiful Life”.

This, of course, is the name of a restaurant in the Garforth area of Leeds. And if Lindsay is going to do very little we applaud her decision to use her body for advertising.

And more Loh-Ads may be in the pipeline. The Sun says Lindsay is to open a “boutique-style” tattoo parlour “to cater for her Hollywood pals”.

So look out for other Loh-Ads for things like Paris Hilton’s new perfume, Kate Moss’s guide to rehab and much, much more appearing on Lindsay’s barely moving body soon…

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