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A Man With Conviction

by | 15th, August 2006

LOOK everyone! It’s Boy George and he’s wearing an orange bib and carrying a brush and spade.

Usually we only see stars from the Eighties when they’re performing in cabaret tours with their aging peers and Nick Kershaw.

But here’s George on the cover of the Mail, showing the world that he’d rather sweep the streets than share a stage with Duran Duran.

But things are not as they seem. And over in the Mirror (“Culture Scrub”) we learn that George is performing the role of road sweeper as part of his community service order.

Having been found guilty of falsely reporting a break-in at his Manhattan apartment, George was instructed to do five days’ community service.

So here is George at 7am in New York’s Chinatown sweeping up discarded pork buns. And things are going well until the photographers arrive.

If humiliation is the intention, then the punishment is correct. George is on display. Both the Sun and Mirror carry the same shot of George sweeping up as around 15 photographers and one film crew look on.

“F**k off,” says George. “This is pathetic, he says. “This is supposed to be community service and you’re just making it a nightmare.”

And: “F**k off. Go away. My mum was a cleaner…I’m no queen. I just want to do my community service. Now f**k off.”

But they don’t. And the Sun looks on a George breaks for a cigarette and eyes up his uniformed supervisor. “I am now going to have sex with the guard,” he says.

Well, the ground is now clean enough…

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